Pioneer Band Trip Information

The monthly trip payment will be $228.00 per student.

Payments due are as follows:
November 16, 2018: $228
December 1, 2018: $228
January 1, 2019: $228
February 1, 2019: $228
March 1, 2019: $228
April 1, 2019: $228
May 1, 2019: $228

All-Region Jazz Results

Congratulations to the following students who competed at the TMEA HS Region Jazz Audition!

Alto Sax
Balerio Andrade, Area Jazz Band

Tenor Sax
Jocelyn Mendez, Area Jazz Band
Tommy Eddy, Region Jazz Band

Bari Sax
Jaden Hernandez, Region Jazz Band

Emmanuel Acevedo, Area Jazz Band
Adam Venecia, Area Jazz Band

Tenor Trombone
Hector Saldaña, Region Jazz Band

Bryan Lee, Region Jazz Band

Alex Leal, Area Jazz Band
David Kingston, Region Jazz Band

Bass Guitar
Andrew Kingston, Area Jazz Band

Drum Set
Gabriel Sanchez, Area Jazz Band